• Welcome to the Inspire Dancers Website.

    Inspire is the home of the revolutionary Flyte Pointe Shoe. This site is full of information on the shoe, its benefits and accessories as well as "Dancer's Health" information sheets written by experts from around the world.


  • The revolution is here!

    The patented Flyte pointe shoe is a shoe that has embraced 21st century technology whilst maintaining the classical appearance of traditionally made shoes.


  • Pointe Putty

    This is the next generation of toe support and comfort for pointe shoes. It is a putty-like substance that you can place at the bottom of your pointe shoe and will mould to the shape of your toes when en pointe.


  • Inspired Ribbons

    Attaching ribbons is always a frustrating and time consuming task, but now thanks to Inspire those days are gone. By utilising a very fine micro-gripper and soft brushed cotton receptor lining of the Flyte pointe shoe, ribbon attachment now takes seconds


  • Dancers Health

    One of Inspires missions is to provide up-to-date information from some of the worlds top dance medicine and science experts to you. They are available for you to download the pdf file and display it or make copies for friends or other dancers.


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